Violation of the New Haven Zoning Ordinance

Turcio’s order, hand-delivered by marshal this past Wednesday, was addressed to Elm City President Richard M. Gaboury and Secretary Stuart Saslafsky of both Elm City Properties and Elm City Auto Wrecking. (Salafasky is pictured in the above video ordering a reporter to leave Fawn Street during a recent visit.)

“An inspection ... on June 30, 2015 revealed that you as owner and/or agent are in violation of the New Haven Zoning Ordinance. Said inspection you are in violation of your Special Exception[:] ‘No junk yard related business or activities shall be conducted on Fawn Street,’” Turcio wrote.

“You are hereby ordered to cease and desist the above violation as required in Section(s) 42, 64 of the New Haven Zoning Ordinance within ten (10) days from the receipt of this letter.”

A visit to Fawn Street Monday revealed that the owners have taken initial steps to comply. The portion of the road closest to Middletown Avenue had been cleared of junked cars and vehicles were now parked parallel to the curb as required under a 2007 special permit granted to the business by the City Plan Commission. City Plan granted Elm City Properties/Auto Wrecking the permit to to continue operating its junkyard in return for promises to make environmental improvements.

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