Rocketing scrap metal prices

Around two million of the UK’s 33 million cars reach the end of the road every year. But if not properly disposed of, unwanted motors can cause toxic pollution as well as a headache for owners.

Rocketing scrap metal prices in the past decade saw a rise in thefts of even the most dilapidated vehicles by criminal gangs, often resulting in hazardous components being improperly disposed of.

Waste oil and fuel, batteries, brake fluids, antifreeze, heavy metals contained in electronic parts and tyres are all potentially harmful to the environment or human health.

There are no reliable figures available, but estimates suggest only about half of “end of life” vehicles are recycled through official channels and there could be as many as 350,000 lying rusting in drives and gardens around the UK.

Now a new bill passed in Scotland last month could help clean up the problem.

The Air Weapons and ­Licensing (Scotland) Bill will alter rules affecting everything from weapons, alcohol sales and taxis to sexual entertainment and scrap dealers.

The legislation will end cash payments and require valid proof of identification or ­licensing to be provided when buying and selling scrap.

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