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Junk Car Removal Surrey - All around the nation, there have been many car scrapping programs which have provided incentives to the owners to get them to switch to more environmentally-friendly means of transportation, hence removing the heavy polluting vehicles from roads. There has been a lot of publicity targeted at buying a new and more efficient truck, car, SUV or minivan.

The Canadian federal government during 2009, established a national car scrapping program that is to be operated by the Clean Air Foundation. This is the same group of people who operate Car Heaven. The government of Canada is additionally giving financial support to existing local car scrapping programs in order for them to expand both their programs and their incentives. These local groups may then become a part of the national network of partners who would help deliver the program all over the country.

Around 92 million dollars has been offered by the Canadian federal government towards a national car scrapping initiative to be able to get older model personal vehicles retired from the road. There are about 5 million personal trucks and cars currently on the street that were made before the year 1996. This was the year stricter standards that were environmentally conscious were implemented. Pre-1996 models of vehicles produce around 19 times more air pollutants than new cars and trucks according to Environment Canada.

Incentives for National Car Scrapping Program
This new national car scrapping program will offer incentives to owners of pre-1996 cars to scrap their vehicles and choose more environmentally friendly means of transportation. Some of the incentives comprise using a bike, $300 cash, a transit pass and membership in a car-sharing program.

There are other incentives like rebates on a new car purchase, however federal government funding will no longer be utilized for this specific section of the program. Instead, dealers and manufacturers would be supported to become partners in the program.

Eligibility for National Car Scrapping Program
To be eligible for incentives in the National Car Scrapping Program, personal vehicles such as pickup trucks, minivans, SUVs or cars of 1995 or earlier vehicles. The vehicle has to be in running condition. It is required that the vehicle be registered and insured by the current owner for the previous six months at least. Vehicle owners who are not eligible for incentive rewards may be given a tax credit for the worth of the scrap metal.

Operation of National Car Scrapping Program
By the month of January the year 2009, the national car scrapping program will be fully running. This national car scrapping program would be organized by the Clean Air Foundation, who is a national not-for-profit group which operates the Car Heaven program. Until the program is up and running, the federal government would offer 3.4 million dollars financial support to local vehicle scrapping programs across the country.

The removal of these older polluting motor vehicles from the street really helps to make the planet cleaner.

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Junk Car Removal Surrey

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